Peter Wells

Nashville, TN - Producer, Engineer, Songwriter, Instrumentalist

Peter Wells has been producing music for 15 years. Beginning with his own compositions and songs, very early on he quickly discovered a gift and a passion for taking a simple idea and turning it into something complex and unique. He grew as he produced albums for local bands in highschool and college. His attention to detail set him apart even as an amateur.

After college he honed in on his craft to a professional level listening to and watching great producers and engineers like Chris Lord Alge, Howard Benson, John Feldmann, and more. He invested in tools that enable him to shape the music he touches with the best precision and quality. 

Peter's skill in multiple instruments allows him to be able to speak music as a second language. Peter puts everything he has into all his work, truly loving the creative and formative process. 


Peter Wells Uses Instruments, Hardware, & Software Made By:

Gibson, Fender, Schecter, Taylor, Vox, Ludwig, Mapex, Zildjian, Vic Firth, Slate Digital, Izotope, Native Instruments, Waves, Avid, Sonarworks, Toontrack, and more. 


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